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Welcome to the AGFC Landowner Nuisance Wildlife Registry. This registry was developed for landowners with problem furbearers willing to allow licensed trappers or furbearer hunters access to their property during open hunting and trapping seasons in order to take furbearers causing property damage in addition to other valuable species. By placing their names in this registry landowners are not opening their property to all trappers and hunters. People interested in accessing a specific property MUST contact the landowner and obtain their written permission to hunt or trap on that area prior to engaging in this activity.

Landowners have the right to refuse access to their property to individuals and may revoke the previously granted permission of any individual to trap or hunt on their property if they so desire. Landowners should be aware that there are commercial nuisance wildlife trappers who may contact you and offer to remove animals for a fee. Landowners may engage the services of these individuals but are not required to do so.

This registry is intended to let regular trappers and hunters know of additional areas where they may be able to engage in this activity while providing a service to the landowner. Landowners may remove their names from the registry at any time by following the instructions given elsewhere on this site. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission does not guarantee the abilities of trappers or hunters allowed onto private property by those using this registry to solve specific problems and urges landowners to use their own judgment in deciding who to allow onto their property.

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