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Sex Offender Registry

Sex Offender Registry Download

The ACIC Sex Offender Registry Database is now available for download through the Information Network of Arkansas (INA). A paid annual subscription is required.  A $0.10 per record enhanced access fee will be charged.  The latest update and number of records is listed below.

 Latest File: 04/22/2024 Number of Records: 9473 See download instructions below

Inmate Database Downloads are also available.

About Sex Offender Registry Data
The Arkansas Crime Information Center updates this information regularly to ensure that it is complete and accurate.  Please keep in mind, however, that the information can change quickly and this site may not reflect the true current location, status, or other information regarding a registered sex offender.
This information is made available to the public and law enforcement in the interest of public safety. Any unauthorized use of this information is forbidden and subject to criminal prosecution.

Downloading the Registry Database
The data is made available for download to INA subscribers by way of FTP. Credentials will be provided upon signing up for the registry. INA recommends the use of the Filezilla FTP client which can be found here.

Contact INA
For questions about this service and for technical support, please click Technical Assistance.

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