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Stolen File / Vehicle Verification Form
Welcome to the ACIC Online Request for Stolen Vehicle Verification.
This application was developed to give businesses and individuals an opportunity to submit requests for stolen vehicle verification online. Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard and Discover. After you have submitted your request, you will receive e-mail verification within 48 hours.
For your convenience upload multiple records on CSV file!
ACIC now offers a bulk record upload feature for Stolen Vehicle Record Checks. To save even more time you can upload multiple stolen vehicle records for processing at one time. We will provide you with instructions for creating a CSV file and sample files for review. This method is ideal for those wishing to upload a medium to large number of stolen vehicle records at one time. Please be sure that the CSV file is a text file that conforms to the specifications identifed or our systems will not accept it.
File Creation:
Open a blank Excel document.Create the following headers as identifed below and as shown in the example test file. Enter 1 vehicle's information per row under the applicable column heading. Make sure that VIN number is entered as text, not number (that is, precede each value with a ' character, just like in the example) Once you have entered all the applicable record information for each vehicle you wish to check, save the document to your desired directory as a .csv file.
Click the Save As in your toolbar. Locate the direcory to which you wish to save. Enter the desired file name. Enter Save as Type: csv (comma delimited).
When you are in the application and see the upload csv file, click the button and locate the desired file in the directory in which you saved it. Click upload. If the file uploads correctly you will be notified. If there is an error with the upload you will be notified.
The file must have the following row field headings though some column information is not required for a record search. If the field is not required you may leave it blank. Some field requirements will be determined by whether you enter the licnese_plate_number.
vin    license_plate_number    license_plate_state    license_plate_year    license_plate_type    vehicle_yr    vehicle_make    vehicle_model    address    address2    city    state    zip    comments
Sample File Type 1:If you will be including the license_plate_number, the following fields are required and must be present on the file for upload:
vin; license_plate_number; license_plate_state; license_plate_year; license_plate_type; vehicle_make; address; city; state; zip
Sample File Type 2:If you will NOT be including the license_plate_number, the following fields are required and must be present on the file for upload:
vin; vehicle_make; address; city; state; zip
*Note: license_plate_type is a 2 byte field, please enter one of the following:
license_plate_type field definitions:
AQ (Antique)
PC (Passenger Car)
TL (Trailer)
TK (Truck)
ZZ (All others)

1 vehicle - $12.00 per vehicle check
2 - 5 vehicles - $11.00 per vehicle check
6 plus vehicles - $10.50 per vehicle check

If you have questions or comments about this online service, please contact Bailey Morgan at 501-682-7427.

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