Teacher Licensure System

This site is for the payment of licensure fees only.

There is NO FEE for adding an Area or applying for a Lifetime Teaching License. Please contact ADE at 501-682-4342 for further information.

A teaching license cannot be issued with payment of required fee until a completed and signed licensure application form with the appropriate application type marked, is received in the Office of Professional Licensure.

A completed and signed licensure application form will not be required for licensure renewal when teachers are employed with a public school system and have met all requirements for the automatic renewal of their teaching license.

The renewal fee for a five (5) year standard license is $75.00 effective July 1, 2013. If you need a duplicate license (i.e. your current license has been lost), you can request another for $50.00.

Please enter your name below as it appears on your license. If your middle name is not on your license, please leave it blank.

Download a PDF version of the Arkansas Teaching License Application. Please follow the mailing instructions on the page.

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