Online Background Check System

This site is used to initiate and pay for state and federal criminal records checks for preservice teachers, licensing of educators, and employment in an Arkansas public school district, charter school, education service cooperative, or other educational entity identified below.

This site may NOT be used to obtain a state or federal criminal records check for any reason other than one of the reasons listed below (for example, NO Department of Human Services background checks, hand gun personal carry, etc.) You must check the CORRECT reason.

After submission of this form, print or save the receipt and complete the process of fingerprinting as instructed by your employer and as provided in the Department of Education Rules Governing Background Checks.

Payment for the background checks is by debit or credit card only. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.

NOTE: The Child Maltreatment Central Registry check is not available on this web page and may NOT be paid through this web page. See the instructions on the Department of Education website under Background Check Requirements.

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