Step 1: Terms and conditions of sale
Seedling sales are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Availability may change (including from sold out to available)
throughout the planting season.

Please check back online or call Baucum Nursery at (501) 907-2485

Orders cancelled after December 1 will not be refunded. No credit will be allowed for seedlings ordered but not picked up.

Please Read Terms & Conditions of Sale

1. The Forestry Division does not plant your seedlings. Visit our online Forestry Vendor directory to find a tree planter in your area at
2. With proper handling, a landowner may expect approximately 90 percent of the seedlings to survive. The Forestry Division ships healthy seedlings but provides no warranty concerning seedling survival or growth.
3. To be assured of timely delivery, the landowner must contact the selected pick-up location at least 10 working days before the desired delivery date. Following seedling delivery from the Nursery to the pick-up location, the Forestry Division will be responsible for seedling care and condition for a holding period not to exceed two weeks.
4. The Forestry Division reserves the right to reduce or cancel orders, depending upon the availability of seedlings. If we do, we will refund your purchase price. Species, quantity and price are subject to change.
5. The Forestry Division will refund the purchase price if a landowner cancels the order before December 1.
6. Full payment must accompany all seedling orders less than 100,000 pine or 50,000 hardwood. If your order is larger, you can apply for a credit account (contact Baucum Nursery to obtain a credit application). Full payment for larger orders is required within 30 days of billing date.
7. Overpayment errors of $10 or less will not be refunded.
8. For hardwood orders over 500,000 contact Baucum Nursery for special pricing.
9. Forest tree seedlings must be handled carefully from the time they are lifted at the nursery, until they are transplanted. Look over our Seedling Care and Planting Guidelines for directions to properly plant bare root tree seedlings.

I have read and agree with the above conditions.
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