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Arkansas Tournament Information Program (ATIP)


Weigh-In Summary Report Instructions


Filling out the summary report information correctly for each tournament is very important to the accuracy of the ATIP report each year.  Please take the time to submit one report per tournament. Reports may be submitted after each tournament, or held and submitted at the end of the tournament season, but no later than December 31.

If you have any questions, please contact the Black Bass Program
toll free @ 1-(877) 525-8606 or e-mail us at or

Please include all the information requested, if possible.

  1. Club Name. The name of the organization or group.

  2. Club Representative. The name of the person responsible for filling out this report. 

  3. Address, City, State, Zip and Phone. The current address and phone number of the Club Representative (step 2), so we can contact you if there are any questions.

  4. Waters Fished. The lake or river where the tournament was held.

  5. Date of Tournament. The date of the weigh-in for the tournament.

  6. Number of Anglers. The total number of people participating in the tournament whether they caught any fish or not.

  7. Total Number of Fish Weighed. Number of fish brought to the weigh-in.

  8. Total Pounds of Fish Weighed. The total pounds of fish that were weighed-in.

  9. Weight of Largest Fish. The weight of the heaviest fish brought to the weigh-in.

  10. Number of Fish Released. The number of fish brought to the weigh-in that were released afterward.

  11. Number of Anglers Who Weighed-In. The number of fishermen that brought at least one fish to be weighed. If teams, indicate the number of teams that weighed-in.

  12. Total Hours Fished during Tournament. Include the number of hours that the fishermen are allowed to fish. Donít include the time taken for the weigh-in.

  13. Comments. This section is for your comments. Use it to explain any factors that may have affected the results (cold fronts, changing water levels, high winds, etc.), or any other comments you want to make.

Club Name:
Club Representative:
Waters Fished:
Specify Other:
Date of Tournament:
Example: 07/04/2004
Number of Anglers:
Total number of fish weighed:
Total pounds of fish weighed:
Example: 15.6
Number of fish 5 lbs. and over:
Weight of largest fish:
Example: 4.2
Number of fish released:
Number of Anglers who weighed in:
Total hours fished during tournament:
Example: 5 or 5.5



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