Corporate Architect & Individual Architect Roster Download

Last Updated: 2022-07-06 06:30:16

  • The corporate architect and individual architect roster file is a zipped, pipe separated (pipe = | ) text file of corporate architects and individual architects in the State of Arkansas. The file is approximately 128 KB (compressed). The user is responsible for unzipping the file and any manipulation of the data. The text files include the following fields: license number, first name, middle name, last name, organization name, address, city, state, postal code, country, and license status.
  • After your credit card is verified, you will be taken to a page that contains the file and instructions for download.
Cost for the Complete Architect's Roster is $125.   This is an up-to-date, complete listing of all architects registered within the State of Arkansas.  For a sample of the file, click here.
We accept these credit cards: 
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