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Statewide Results by Contest

2008 General Election and Non Partisan Judicial Runoff Election and Special General Election for Prosecuting Attorney 9-W

Statewide Totals

Last Update: Tue Dec 2nd, 2008 10:42 AM

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 2 - Certified Track
An Amendment Providing That No Legislative Appropriation Shall Be For a Period Longer Than One Year, Providing For Fiscal Legislative Sessions, Requiring the General Assembly to Meet Every Year With Regular Sessions Continuing to be Held in Odd-numbered Years and Fiscal Sessions Held in Even-numbered Years, Unless the General Assembly Votes to Hold Regular Sessions in Even-numbered Years and Fiscal Sessions in Odd-numbered Years, and Allowing the General Assembly to Consider Non-fiscal Matters During a Fiscal Session Upon Approval of Two-thirds of Both Houses





Against 292,436 30.55%
For 664,671 69.45%
Total Over Votes 136
Total Under Votes 126,416

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