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Contests in Conway County:

2006 Preferential Primary and Non-Partisan Judicial General Election
Conway County

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Attorney General - Democrat

Attorney General - Republican

Auditor of State - Democrat

Commissioner of State Lands - Democrat

Governor - Democrat

Governor - Republican

Lieutenant Governor - Democrat

Lieutenant Governor - Republican

Prosecuting Attorney, District 15 - Democrat

Secretary of State - Democrat

Secretary of State - Republican

State Representative District 047 - Democrat

State Representative District 047 - Republican

State Representative District 060 - Democrat

State Representative District 060 - Republican

State Senate District 18 - Democrat

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 2

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 5

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 6

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 7

State Treasurer - Democrat

State Treasurer - Republican

U.S. Congress District 02 - Democrat

U.S. Congress District 02 - Republican

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Austin/Lick Mt

Bentley City

Bentley Rural


Catholic Point

Cedar Falls



Howard City

Howard Rural


Menifee City

Menifee Rural


Old Hickory

Petit Jean/White Eagle

St. Vincent/McClaren



Ward 1

Ward 2

Ward 3

Ward 4

Washington East

Washington West

Welbourne East

Welbourne West

Early Voting



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