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Contests in Garland County:

2006 Preferential Primary and Non-Partisan Judicial General Election
Garland County

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Attorney General - Democrat

Attorney General - Republican

Auditor of State - Democrat

Circuit Judge, District 18-East, Division 04

Commissioner of State Lands - Democrat

Governor - Democrat

Governor - Republican

Lieutenant Governor - Democrat

Lieutenant Governor - Republican

Prosecuting Attorney, District 18-East - Democrat

Secretary of State - Democrat

Secretary of State - Republican

State Representative District 023 - Democrat

State Representative District 023 - Republican

State Representative District 024 - Democrat

State Representative District 025 - Democrat

State Representative District 025 - Republican

State Representative District 026 - Democrat

State Representative District 030 - Democrat

State Representative District 030 - Republican

State Senate District 19 - Democrat

State Senate District 19 - Republican

State Senate District 27 - Democrat

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 2

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 5

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 6

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 7

State Treasurer - Democrat

State Treasurer - Republican

U.S. Congress District 04 - Democrat

U.S. Congress District 04 - Republican

View Results by Polling Location:

1C Tower of Strength Ministries

1A, 1B First Presbyterian Church

1D, 1G Bates Community Church

1E, 2C Pentecostal Family LC

2B Webb Community Center

2A, 2D Prince of Peace Luth.Ch

3A, 3B Shadowbrook Club House

3D, 4C Fairdale Baptist Ch

3C Jones School Auditorium

4A, 4B Hot Springs Airport

4D, 4F Oaklawn 1st Ch. Of God

3E, 5A, 5B 1St Baptist Ch

4E, 4G, 5D, 5E 1st Ch. Of Nazarene

5C, 5F Westminster Presby. Ch

1F, 6A, 6D Boy Scout Building

6B Lake Valley Community Ch.

6C, 6E H.S. Christian Ch.

7C Sulphur Springs Bapt. Ch.

7B, 7D Red Oak Bapt. Ch.

7A Lk. Hamilton Fire Dept. (290)

9A, 9B, 9F Antioch Bapt. Ch.

8A Piney Grove Methodist Church

10A 1St Bapt. Ch. Royal

9D Pleas. Hill Assembly God Ch.

8B Centerfork Baptist Ch

10C, 12C New Salem United Methodist Church

10B, 10D Piney Bapt. Ch.

11A Rock Springs Bapt. Ch.

11B Jessieville 1st Bapt. Ch.

11D Barcelona Bapt. Ch.

11C Village Ch. of Christ

11E Christ Lutheran Ch.

12A, 12D Mountain Pine Sch.

12E Presbyterian Kirk in the Pines Ch.

13A,13B Village Bible Church

12B, 13C, 13D Fountain Lake Sch.

13E Cutter Morning Star Sch.

13F, 13G Lonsdale City Hall

9C & 9E Community of Christ

Abs Voting Garland Co. CH

EV Early Voting Election Commission Building

EV Walnut Valley Baptist Church

EV Community of Christ

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