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Contests in Logan County:

2006 Preferential Primary and Non-Partisan Judicial General Election
Logan County

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Attorney General - Democrat

Attorney General - Republican

Auditor of State - Democrat

Commissioner of State Lands - Democrat

Governor - Democrat

Governor - Republican

Lieutenant Governor - Democrat

Lieutenant Governor - Republican

Prosecuting Attorney, District 15 - Democrat

Secretary of State - Democrat

Secretary of State - Republican

State Representative District 084 - Democrat

State Senate District 06 - Democrat

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 2

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 5

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 6

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 7

State Treasurer - Democrat

State Treasurer - Republican

U.S. Congress District 04 - Democrat

U.S. Congress District 04 - Republican

View Results by Polling Location:

Dublin Freewill Baptist Church

Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church

Subiaco Municipal Building

Delaware Rural Fire Station

Driggs Community Building

Midway Rural Fire Station

Harmony Assembly Of God Church

Prairie View Community Building

Corley Community Center

Scranton American Legion Hall

New Blaine Rural Fire Station

First Natl Bank Community Building

Caulksville City Hall

Ratcliff City Hall

Blue Mountain City Hall

Booneville Community Building

Long Ridge Baptist Church

Sugar Grove Community Building

Magazine Community Center

Grayson Fire Station

Brownsville Community Building

Pinelog Church

Ione Community Building



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