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Contests in Sharp County:

2006 Preferential Primary and Non-Partisan Judicial General Election
Sharp County

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Attorney General - Democrat

Attorney General - Republican

Auditor of State - Democrat

Commissioner of State Lands - Democrat

Governor - Democrat

Governor - Republican

Lieutenant Governor - Democrat

Lieutenant Governor - Republican

Prosecuting Attorney, District 03 - Democrat

Secretary of State - Democrat

Secretary of State - Republican

State Representative District 080 - Democrat

State Representative District 082 - Democrat

State Senate District 10 - Democrat

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 2

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 5

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 6

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 7

State Treasurer - Democrat

State Treasurer - Republican

U.S. Congress District 01 - Democrat

U.S. Congress District 01 - Republican

View Results by Polling Location:

Big Creek Calamine Fire Station

Cave Community Center Cave City

Cherokee City Hall Cherokee Village

Davidson Liberty Hill Church

East Sullivan Church Building Maxville Community

Hardy Hardy Fire Station

Highland City Hall Highland

Jackson Williford Fire Station

Lave Creek Camp Ground Community Building

Lower North Fire Station at Wirth

Morgan Center Fire Department

North Big Rock Poughkeepsie Fire Department

North Lebanon Williford Fire Station

North Union Hilltop Community Building

Ozark Ozark Acres Clubhouse

Piney Fork Evening Shade City Hall

Richwood Courtroom Sharp Co Courthouse

Scot Grange Fire Station

South Big Rock Ring Chapel Church

South Lebanon Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church

South Union Williford Fire Station

Strawberry Poughkeepsie Fire Department

Upper North Fire Station at Wirth

Washington Powells Chapel

West Sullivan Sidney Community Center

Early & Absentee Sharp County Clerks Office

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