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Contests in Washington County:

2008 General Primary (Runoff) Election
Washington County

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1st Assembley of God Church

1st Baptist Church

1st Church of the Nazarene

Baldwin Church of Christ

Blackburn Church

Boston Mountain Fire Station

Brentwood School

Buckner Baptist Church

Cane Hill Museum

Central United Methodist Church

Cincinnati Community Bldg.

Clarion Inn

Covenant Church

Durham Community Bldg.

Dwelling Place

Eastside Baptist Church

Elkins Community Ctr.

Elm Springs Community Ctr.

Elmdale Baptist Church

Evansville Fire Station

Farmington Baptist Church

Goshen Community Bldg.

Greenland Community Ctr.

Hazel Valley Church

John Powell Senior Center

Johnson City Hall

Lincoln Community Center

Morrow Fire Station

Mt. Comfort Church of Christ

NE Baptist Church

Nob Hill Fire Station

Prairie Grove Fire Station

Rheas Mill Community Bldg.

Round Mountain Fire Station

Sang Avenue Baptist Church

Sequoyah Methodist Church

Smith Elementary School

Sonora Baptist Church

Spg Rodeo Community Ctr

Springdale City Hall

St. John's Lutheran Church

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Strickler Fire Station

Sulphur City Baptist Church

Temple Baptist Church

Trinity Fellowship

Trinity Methodist Church

Turner Street Baptist Church

Vandergriff Elem. School

Viney Grove Community Bldg

Wedington Community Bldg.

Wedington Woods Fire Station

West Fork Community Ctr

Wheeler Fire Station

Wiggins Methodist Church

Youth Center West (Springdale)

Yvonne Richardson Center

County Clerk

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