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Contests in Benton County:

2008 General Election and Non Partisan Judicial Runoff Election and Special General Election for Prosecuting Attorney 9-W
Benton County

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Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 2

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 3

Proposed Initiative Act No. 1

Referred Question No. 1

U.S. President/Vice President

U.S. Senate

U.S. Congress District 03

State Representative District 089

View Results by Polling Location:

1 Maysville Community Bldg.

2 Sulphur Springs Community Bldg.

3 Gravette Civic Center

4 Cornerstone Baptist Church, Cherokee City

5 Decatur City Administration Bldg.

6 Gentry Methodist Church

7 Total Life Community Center

8 First Christian Church, Siloam Springs

9 Siloam Springs Community Bldg.

10 Heritage Missionary Baptist Church

11 St. Mary's Catholic Church

12 St. Mary's Catholic Church

13 St. Mary's Catholic Church

14 St. Mary's Catholic Church

15 Springtown Church of Christ

16 Robinson Community Bldg.

17 Logan Community Bldg.

18 Cave Springs Community Bldg.

19 Highfill Community Bldg.

20 Vaughn Presbyterian Church

21 Vaughn Presbyterian Church

22 New Life Christian Center

23 Hiwasse Fire Station/Community Bldg.

24 Highlands Church

25 Presbyterian Church of Bella Vista

26 Bella Vista 1st United Methodist Church

27 Bella Vista Christian Church

28 Bella Vista Baptist Church

29 St. Theodore's Episcopal Church

30 VFW Post #9063

31 Bella Vista Church of Christ

32 Bentonville First Presbyterian Church

33 Bentonville Church of Christ, Activity Center

34 Bentonville First Baptist Church

35 Bentonville First Baptist Church

36 First Assembly of God Church

37 Bentonville First Christian Church

38 Christian Center

39 Oakley Chapel United Methodist Church

40 Central United Methodist Church

41 Central United Methodist Church

42 Grace Lutheran Church

43 First Church of the Nazarene

44 First Church of the Nazarene

45 Cave Springs Community Bldg.

46 Cave Springs Community Bldg.

47 Grace Lutheran Church

48 Bethel Heights Fire Station/Community Room

49 Lowell First Baptist Church

50 Lowell First Baptist Church

51 War Eagle Mill

52 First United Pentecostal Church

53 Rogers 1st United Methodist Church

54 First Christian Church of Rogers

55 Southside Church of Christ

56 Open Door Baptist Church

57 Rogers Christian Church

58 Charity Baptist Church

59 Rogers Freewill Baptist Church

60 Colonial Baptist Church

61 Bland Chapel (Rocky Branch)

62 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

63 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

64 Charity Baptist Church

65 Christian Center

66 Little Flock City Hall

67 Cornerstone Assembly of God Church

68 Avoca Town Hall

69 Pea Ridge Emergency Services Bldg.

70 St. Bernard's Catholic Church Parish Hall

71 Garfield First Baptist Church

72 Gateway Town Hall

73 Lost Bridge Village Community Bldg.

74 Avoca Town Hall

75 Rogers First United Methodist Church

76 Prairie Creek Assn. Community Center

77 Lakeside Baptist Church

78 Monte Ne Baptist Church

79 Faith Christian Fellowship of Rogers

80 Mountain Springs Baptist Church

81 Lowell First Baptist Church

82 Bethel Heights Fire Station Community Room

83 Hickory Creek Fire Station

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