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Contests in Saline County:

2008 General Election and Non Partisan Judicial Runoff Election and Special General Election for Prosecuting Attorney 9-W
Saline County

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Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 2

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 3

Proposed Initiative Act No. 1

Referred Question No. 1

U.S. President/Vice President

U.S. Senate

U.S. Congress District 02

State Representative District 028

State Representative District 029

Circuit Judge, District 22, Division 04

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Avilla Community Center

Balboa Baptist Church

Bauxite City Hall

Bryant First Methodist Church

Calvary Baptist Church

Central Arkansas Church of Christ

Congo Road Baptist Church

Crows Fire Station

East End Baptist Church

Fairplay Baptist Church

First Baptist Church

First Christian Church

First Pentecostal Church

First Southern Baptist Church

Four Square Church

Haskell Fire Station

Highland Heights Baptist Church

Johnson St. Church of Christ

Kentucky Baptist Church

Mountainside Church

New Friendship Baptist Fellowship Hall

Old Union Church

Olive Hill Church

Paron Fire Department

Salem Methodist Church

Sardis United Methodist Church

Shannon Hills City Hall

Sharon Baptist Church

Ten Mile Baptist Church

Traskwood City Hall

Trinity Baptist Church

Turtle Creek Fire Station

Vimy Ridge Emanuel Baptist Church

Woodland Hills Water Department

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