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Contests in Mississippi County:

2004 General Election and Non-Partisan Judicial Runoff
Mississippi County

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Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 2

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 3

Referred Question No. 1

U.S. President

U.S. Senate

U.S. Congress District 01

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 4

State Representative District 055

State Representative District 077

View Results by Polling Location:

1A, 1E Aldersgate United Methodist Church

1B, 1C, 1D Aldersgate United Methodist Churc

2A, 2C Blytheville High School Gym

2E Blytheville High School Gym

3A, 3C Harrison Youth & Cultural Center

3B, 3D, 3F Harrison Youth & Cultural Center

6, 7A, 11A, 11B Blytheville High School Gym

10 Armorel School

12 Gosnell School

12-1 Gosnell Community Center

12-2 Bethany Baptist Church

12-3 Gosnell School

12-6 Gosnell School

13 Dell Community Center

14 Dell Community Center

15 Dell Community Center

16, 17, 18 Leachville City Hall

19 Leachville City Hall

21A, 22, 23 Manila Depot Center

21B Manila Depot Center

24 Manila Depot Center

25 Manila Depot Center

25-2 Manila Depot Center

27 AR Northeastern College/Burdette Campus

27A AR Northeastern College/Burdette Campus

29-1,2,3 Luxora Elementary School

30 Luxora Elementary School

30A Luxora Elementary School

32A, 32B, 32C Osceola Middle School Gym

35 Osceola Middle School Gym

33A, 33B, 33C Osceola Middle School Gym

34A, 34B, 34C Osceola Middle School Gym

36 Keiser Library

37-1, 37-2 Keiser Library

38, 39, 40 Wilson Library

39A Wilson Library

41, 42 Wilson Library

44 Joiner City Hall

45 Joiner City Hall

46 Birdsong Fire Station

46A Birdsong Fire Station

47 Dyess City Hall

48 Dyess City Hall

50 Etowah Fire Station

50-6 Etowah Fire Station

50A Etowah Fire Station

54 Bassett City Hall

54A Bassett City Hall

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