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Candidate Information

2020 Preferential Primary and Nonpartisan General Election

Name Position Party Filing Date
Joseph R. Biden U.S. President Democratic 11/05/2019
Don Blankenship U.S. President Constitution 08/19/2020
Brian Carroll U.S. President American Solidarity 08/17/2020
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente U.S. President Independent 08/14/2020
C.L. Gammon U.S. President Independent 06/06/2019
Howie Hawkins U.S. President Green 08/17/2020
Jo Jorgensen U.S. President Libertarian 08/17/2020
Gloria La Riva U.S. President Socialism and Liberation 08/18/2020
John Richard Myers U.S. President Life and Liberty 08/17/2020
Brock Pierce U.S. President Independent 08/14/2020
Donald J. Trump U.S. President Republican 11/08/2019
Kanye West U.S. President Independent 08/14/2020

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