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Loss Control Video E-Cart

Loss Control Video Library

    Title Price Quantity
    A Million Excuses (DVD-10 min) FREE
    A Practical Approach to Ladder Safety (DVD-10 min) FREE
    Accidental Release Measures & Spill Cleanup Procedures(DVD - 22 minutes) FREE
    Arc Welding Safety (DVD-11 min) FREE
    Asbestos Awareness (DVD - 12 minutes) FREE
    Auto Shop Safety (DVD-22 min) FREE
    Back Injury Prevention . Safe Lifting in Solid Waste Mgmt. (DVD-11 min) FREE
    Back Safety - A User's Guide (DVD - 25 minutes) FREE
    Back Safety - Proper Lifting Procedures FREE
    Back Safety Update (DVD - 21 minutes) FREE
    Backhoe and Loader Safety (DVD - 8 minutes) FREE
    Backhoe Pre-Shift Walk Around Inspection (DVD-11 min) FREE
    Backhoe Safety (DVD-18 min) FREE
    Backhoe Safety And Operations (DVD- 11 min) FREE
    Baler Safety (DVD - 7 minutes) FREE
    Battery Charging Update (DVD-10 min) FREE
    Bloodborne Pathogens for Non-Healthcare Employees DVD ? 12 min FREE
    Bloodborne Pathogens for the Workplace (DVD-30 min) FREE
    Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher Program (DVD-17 min) FREE
    Boom Truck/ Bucket Truck Safety (DVD - 12 minutes) FREE
    Box Cutter Safety (DVD - 6 minutes) FREE
    Buck Truck Safety (DVD-15 min) FREE
    Chainsaw Safety Basics - An Expertise Prospective FREE
    Chainsaw Safety For Landscape Operators FREE
    Chlorine Process Safety (DVD 19 minutes) FREE
    Confined Space Entry - To The Point FREE
    Cranes, Chains, Slings, and Hoists (DVD-12 min) FREE
    Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees (DVD - 17 Minutes) FREE
    Defensive Driving Techniques - Your Ticket to Safety (DVD - 20 minutes) FREE
    DOT - Substance Abuse and Constructive Confrontation (DVD- 60 Minutes) FREE
    DOT Alcohol Supplement (DVD - 60 Minutes) FREE
    Driving Safety (DVD - 16 minutes) FREE
    Driving Safety - Reason on The Road (DVD - 15 minutes) FREE
    Dump Truck Safety (DVD - 10 min) FREE
    Dump Truck Safety (DVD-14 min) FREE
    Earthquake Safety (DVD - 12 min) FREE
    Earthquake Safety (DVD-12 min) FREE
    Emergency Planning (DVD-14 min) FREE
    Emergency Planning - Leader's Guide (DVD) FREE
    Employee Safety Orientation (DVD-22 min) FREE
    Ergonomics for Healthcare (DVD-15 min) FREE
    Excavations: Safe work Essentials (DVD-16 min) FREE
    Eye on Defensive Driving Training (DVD - 45 minutes) FREE
    Eye Safety Update (DVD-15 min) FREE
    Fire Extinguisher Training (DVD - 20 Minutes) FREE
    Fire Extinguishers - Basic Training (DVD-13 min) FREE
    First Aid Safety (DVD - 15 minutes) FREE
    Fitness/Wellness (DVD-12 min) FREE
    Fitness/Wellness - Leaders' Guide (DVD-12 min) FREE
    Forklift and Pedestrian Safety Update (DVD-10 min) FREE
    Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety: A Refresher Program DVD ? 19 min FREE
    Front-End Loader Operation and Safety-Solid Waste (DVD-13 min) FREE
    Getting High - Not in the Job Description (DVD - 20 Minutes) FREE
    Golf Course Maintenance Safety (DVD-14 min) FREE
    Hand and Power Tool Safety (DVD-13 min) FREE
    Hand and Power Tool Update (DVD-18 min) FREE
    Hand and Power Tools-Fleet Shop (DVD-16 min) FREE
    Hand Finger and Wrist Safety in Construction Environments (DVD-13 min) FREE
    Hazard Communications (DVD-18 min) FREE
    Hazard Communications . Solid Waste (DVD-10 min) FREE
    Hazard Recognition: Out of the Ordinary (DVD - 11 minutes) FREE
    Heat Stress (DVD - 13 minutes) FREE
    Heat Stress For Construction (DVD - 12 minutes) FREE
    High Impact Power Tool Safety (DVD-19 min) FREE
    High Impact Welding Safety (DVD-19 min) FREE
    Horrific Accidents - The Facts (DVD-10 min) FREE
    Industrial Ergonomics (DVD - 13 minutes) FREE
    Introduction to GHS-The Globally Harmonized System (DVD-19 min) FREE
    It Only Takes a Second II (DVD 4 Minutes) FREE
    Killer Bees Wasps and Spiders (DVD-37 min) FREE
    Ladder Safety (DVD - 13 minutes) FREE
    Ladder Safety Updated (DVD - 10 minutes) FREE
    Landscape Maintenance Safety (DVD - 17 min) FREE
    Large Equipment Safety (DVD-20 min) FREE
    Metal Shop Safety (DVD-19 min) FREE
    Office Ergonomics (DVD-22 min) FREE
    Office Injury Prevention - Short Version (DVD-9 min) FREE
    Office Safety (DVD-22 min) FREE
    Office Safety - It's Not Magic (DVD-14 min) FREE
    Office Safety Basics (DVD-9 min) FREE
    Operating Electric pallet Jacks Safety (DVD-15 min) FREE
    OSHA Record Keeping for Managers (DVD - 16 minutes) FREE
    Overview for Emergency Responders (DVD - 14 min) FREE
    Patient Lifting and Transfer (DVD - 19 minutes) FREE
    Personal Protective Equipment (DVD - 25 minutes) FREE
    Personal Protective Equipment - It's Your Call (DVD-10 min) FREE
    Portable Fire Extinguisher Safety (DVD - 10 Minutes) FREE
    Pre-trip Inspections-Solid Waste Training (DVD-9 min) FREE
    Preventing Sexual Harassment - For Supervisors & Managers (DVD-14 min) FREE
    Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls FREE
    Propane Safety Update (DVD-10 min) FREE
    Rear Loader Operations & Safety-Solid Waste (DVD 11 minutes) FREE
    Right to Know-Custodians/Maintenance (DVD-10 min) FREE
    Safe Lifting In The Warehouse (DVD - 10 minutes) FREE
    Safe Operation of Scissor & Boom Lifts (DVD-19 min) FREE
    Safety Coordinator Training (Responsibilities of Safety Person) FREE
    Safety It's Your Responsibility (DVD- 15 min) FREE
    Safety Orientation (DVD-13 min) FREE
    Safety Orientation - Solid Waste (DVD-12 min) FREE
    Safety Orientation Updated (DVD - 13 minutes) FREE
    Safety Principals for Grounds Maintenance Workers (DVD-25 min) FREE
    Safety Procedures for Lawn Mower Operators FREE
    Safety Showers and Eyewashes (DVD - 12 Minutes) FREE
    Safety's Top 10 (DVD - 20 minutes) FREE
    Sexual Harassment For Employees (DVD-10 min) FREE
    Sexual Harassment in the Workplace- (DVD-12 min) FREE
    Shop Safety (DVD-29 min) FREE
    Silica Safety Awareness (DVD - 4 minutes) FREE
    Slips Trips and Falls Update (DVD - 17 minutes) FREE
    Steps For Safe Lifting And Carrying (DVD - 10 minutes) FREE
    Storm Water Pollution Prevention (DVD-28 min) FREE
    String Trimmer Safety (DVD-15 min) FREE
    The Safe Operation of Utility Carts (DVD-10 min) FREE
    Think and Drive - New Defensive Divining Techniques (DVD - 15 minutes) FREE
    Traffic Control Through Work Zones (DVD-21 min) FREE
    Trenching & Excavation Safety (DVD-18 min) FREE
    Trenching & Shoring Safety (DVD-23 min) FREE
    Trucks, Vans and Other Delivery Vehicles (DVD - 16 minutes) FREE
    Understanding & Preventing Heat Related Illness (DVD - 9 minutes) FREE
    Understanding Your Facility’s Stornwater Pollution Prevention Plan FREE
    Ups And Downs Of Material Handling Safety Equipment (DVD - 22 minutes) FREE
    Water and Sewer Treatment Plant Safety (DVD-18 min) FREE
    Welding and Cutting Torch Safety (DVD - 27 Minutes) FREE
    What to Do About Workplace Emergencies (DVD - 17 Minutes) FREE
    What To Do About Workplace Emergencies (DVD - 17 minutes) FREE
    Will Today be the Day (DVD - 17 min) FREE
    Winning Workforce: Drug-Free Workplace for Employees (DVD - 9 Minutes) FREE
    Work Zone Traffic Control and Flagger Safety (DVD-11) FREE
    Working in Cold Weather FREE
    Working Safely in Cold Weather (DVD-16 min) FREE
    Working Safely in Hot Environments (DVD) FREE
    Working Safety with Pneumatic Tools (DVD-8 min) FREE
    Workplace Violence-Prevention & Intervention (DVD 20 minutes) FREE
    Your Precious Eyes (Gory Story) (DVD-13 min) FREE


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    Arkansas Municipal League
    Our Mission

    The Arkansas Municipal League was founded in 1934 and exists for a threefold purpose:

    • to act as the official representative of Arkansas cities and towns before the state and federal governments;
    • to provide a clearinghouse for information and answers; and,
    • to offer a forum for discussion and sharing of mutual concerns.