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Job Details
ACE Program Advisor
Agency: Department of Career Education
Office: Arkansas Department of Career Education
Section: Career and Technical Education
Date Posted: 06/12/2018
Posting Expires: 06/25/2018
The Arkansas Career Education (ACE) Program Advisor is responsible for assisting in the development and evaluation of educational programs administered by the Arkansas Department of Career Education throughout the state. This position is governed by state and federal laws and agency policy.
Typical Functions
Monitors budget amendments and expenditure reports of programs, approves/disapproves expenditures; reviews program specific information submitted in the data information systems for program approval. Writes comprehensive reports interpreting and applying federal and state regulations; analyzes end of the year data, and develops analysis reports on areas of concentration for in-service activities. Provides funding grant comments on applications and reviews new program start up grant information; reviews federal and state budgets, project applications, and program grants. Provides technical assistance to programs by interpreting regulations, answering questions, and resolving problems. Evaluates program effectiveness through on-site visits, program reviews, and desk audits to ensure program compliance. Advises local program administration personnel of violations, recommendations, and commendations. Coordinates and conducts education and training improvements to comply with federal and state regulations. Conducts workshops during local meetings and professional conferences. Reviews status and accountability reports for programs. Performs other duties as assigned.
Special Job Dimensions
Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills
Knowledge of federal and state laws regarding licensure within the field of education. Knowledge of educational program development and presentation techniques. Knowledge of teaching principles and methods. Ability to interpret and apply, applicable portions of federal and state regulations governing educational programs. Ability to research, generate, simulate, modify, and conduct educational programs. Ability to prepare, categorize, and document reports. Ability to evaluate applications and their supporting documentation. Ability to prepare present information to various groups orally and in writing.
Minimum Education and/or Experience
The formal education equivalent of a bachelorís degree in education, business administration, or a field directly related to the assigned program area; plus four years of experience in education or directly related to the assigned program area. Additional requirements determined by the agency for recruiting purposes require review and approval by the Office of Personnel Management. OTHER JOB RELATED EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE MAY BE SUBSTITUTED FOR ALL OR PART OF THESE BASIC REQUIREMENTS, EXCEPT FOR CERTIFICATION OR LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS, UPON APPROVAL OF THE QUALIFICATIONS REVIEW COMMITTEE.
Preferred Qualifications
Position Summary

The ARCareerEd Program Advisor position will serve as Career and Technical Education (CTE) project information advisor for the administration and management of initiatives as assigned by the CTE Deputy Director. The Program Advisor will conduct research, analyze and interpret data, and generate regularly scheduled reports as directed. The Program Advisor will evaluate and process all data that passes in and out of CTE. This position will create and maintain a database of CTE projects for reporting purposes. This Program Advisor will collaborate with administrative support and coordinate office operations; serve as the central information point within CTE to facilitate management/administrative communication; conduct research; analyze and interpret data; oversee budgets; and generate regularly scheduled reports as directed. The Program Advisor shall also take on special projects as assigned, and sustain a continuous improvement approach to all operations and programs.

Education and Professional Work Experience

The formal education equivalent of a bachelorís degree in education, business administration, or a field directly related to the assigned program area; plus four years of experience in education or directly related to the assigned program area. Additional requirements determined by the agency for recruiting purposes require review and approval by the Office of Personnel Management.

Strong writing and verbal communication skills that include the ability to write clear, structured, and articulate letters and documents are required. Knowledge of the proper application of grammar, punctuation, and spelling rules is required. Technically proficient application of grammar and syntax skills is essential. Public presentation experience is desired. Mathematical aptitude is desired. Knowledge of state and federal education law and regulations and experience with educational data are desired.

Proficiency in all Microsoft Office products is required, specifically Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access.

The Program Advisor must demonstrate initiative as a self-starter, be analytically astute, and exercise responsible judgment. This position requires strong management and organizational skills with attention to detail and achievement of performance expectations with minimal supervision.

Job Responsibilities and Expected Results

Read, comprehend, and effectively apply federal, state, and agency policies, procedures, and administrative guidelines to facilitate processes.

Periodically conduct research and collaborate with appropriate personnel regarding federal, state, and other resources as assigned and as needed.

Maintain a working knowledge of major agency grants and new and updated legislation or statutes that are relevant to CTE.

Serve as the central contact to receive CTE project information. Act as lead project advisor as assigned and act as a contributor on special projects as directed.

Serve as liaison for CTE with outside entities as directed. Brief the CTE Deputy Director and other agency staff as appropriate.

Coordinate internal CTE communications and operations and serve as the first CTE contact with outside entities.

Supervise the completion and submission of all documents required by Human Resources.

Assign projects and tasks to support staff as needed.

Examine all documents and correspondence for accuracy and completeness.

Maintain a working knowledge and available balances of major agency grants: Perkins Reserve, Perkins 1%, Perkins Non-Traditional, Perkins Leadership, Perkins Administration, Perkins District Allocation, and State Start-up.

Create, edit, and process MOUs and MOAs.

Collaborate with management staff and share and receive updated information regarding new initiatives, issues, or to resolve problems.

Exercise responsible discretion and judgment to provide accurate and current information to the public and other outside entities.

Collect and analyze data to compile reports as requested. Generate and complete reports by specified or negotiated deadlines.

Submit CTE information for placement on the agency calendar as directed.

Schedule and manage the logistics of meetings, which includes distribution of materials and recording the minutes, as directed.

Prepare and modify documents including correspondence, reports, drafts, memos and emails.

Manage travel budgets and review requests/reimbursement submissions for policy compliance.

Manage Professional Development budgets and requests/reimbursements submissions for policy compliance.

Competently utilize all Microsoft Office products applications with proficiency in the technical application of Excel to design/format spreadsheets and create accurate formulas, and in Access to design/format databases for agency use.

Research and verify information to provide technical assistance to the public, agency staff, and other entities as directed.

Identify and critique potential problems and recommend cost-effective, feasible solutions that are conducive to achieve desired outcomes.

Identify problems and recommend feasible solutions.

Other duties as assigned.
Certificates, Licenses, Registrations
Agency Specific Information
The Mission of the Arkansas Department of Career Education is to provide leadership and contribute resources to serve the diverse and changing career educational needs of Arkansas youth, adults, and persons living with disabilities. It is our goal that all Arkansans be prepared to compete not only with their peers across the country, but globally.

The State Board of Career Education is the governing board for the Arkansas Department of Career Education. The Board establishes and maintains system-wide policy and direction in the three areas of responsibilities. The Arkansas Department of Career Education provides daily leadership, technical assistance, and resources to prepare the state's youth and adults to become productive, informed, and creative citizens, workers, and most importantly, leaders.

ACE is comprised of three divisions which are: Adult Education, Career and Technical Education, and Arkansas Rehabilitation Services. The Arkansas Career and Technical Institute (ACTI) is a part of the Rehabilitation Services Division.

ACE oversees career and technical education programs in the secondary schools, secondary area technical centers, adult and youth apprenticeship programs, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services, and adult education programs. ACE also works with the Veterans Administration to approve state educational programs for veteransí benefits, and has oversight authority for the Law Enforcement Support Office 1033 and the Department of Defense 122 Programs.
Job Details
Position No.: 22080345
Class Code: E062C
Grade: GS09
Salary Range: $50,222.00 - $72,822.00 per year
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Job Type: Full Time
Location Information
Job City: Little Rock
Job County/Region: Pulaski
Contact Information
Contact name: Sheronda Hall
Phone: 5016822392
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