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Online Criminal Background Check System
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Additional Information
Requirements and Use of Information

Authorized users of the on-line system are required to maintain a copy of the signed release in their files for a period of three (3) years.

It is a Class A misdemeanor to access this information when you do not have a signed a release from the subject of the record check.

It is also a violation of law to access this information for any other purpose than employment or professional licensing.

The Arkansas State Police has audit capability (of three years) upon all requests that have been made. ASP can at anytime during that period require the requestor to provide a copy of the signed release that was the basis of the request.

Submitting a Manual Record Check Request in Person or through the Mail
Anyone with the signed written consent of the subject of the record may use the manual process of conducting an Arkansas criminal history record check and submit a completed ASP-122 with a notarized release signature from the subject of the check and $25.00 check or money order. Those request can be mailed to the Arkansas State Police Identification Bureau, 1 State Police Drive, Little Rock, AR 72209 or delivered in person to the State Police Headquarters at I-30 at Geyer Springs Road (exit 133). Our business hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You may not submit the request to your local Troop headquarters or ASP Criminal Investigation Division. The processing time once the request is received by the Identification Bureau is generally two to five days excluding mailing time.
Record Content
In the response to the manual record check, you will receive the same information as you would with an electronic check. The background check releases a person's Arkansas felony and misdemeanor conviction record, any pending felony arrests (where a person has been arrested and has not gone to trial) and whether the person is a registered sex offender (levels one through four).
ASP-122 Record Check Request Form

The ASP-122 is available as an Adobe PDF document. Click to download the ASP-122 form, print and follow the instructions on the form.

Adobe PDF documents require the free Adobe Reader.

Contact ASP Identification Bureau

You may contact the Arkansas State Police Identification Bureau by mail at 1 State Police Drive, Little Rock, AR 72209. You may call 501-618-8500 or via email at

To visit in person, our physical location is at Arkansas State Police Headquarters at I-30, at the 133 mile marker (Geyer Springs Road). Our service hours at the front window are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Challenging a Record
If your record shows an arrest conviction that is not you, you may challenge your record at no cost to you. You will be fingerprinted by a law enforcement officer and those fingerprints will be compared against the fingerprints and/or photograph from the challenged arrest. If the arrest is found not to be you, it will be removed from your criminal history record. If the arrest is found to be correctly included in the criminal history, the arrest will not be removed.

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