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Online Criminal Background Check System
Arkansas Department of Public Service

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How this Site Works
To conduct online criminal history record checks, please read the following information:
Determine Eligibility
Are you an employer, professional licensing board (PLB) or do you have the signed written consent of the subject of the record?
If no, you are not allowed online access to criminal history records information through the online system. However, access to criminal records may be available by another method, visit Other Ways to Get Records for information.
If yes, you may proceed to fill out an application form.
As an employer or PLB, are you required by Arkansas law to perform the Arkansas background check through the Arkansas State Police?  If so, you must identify the Arkansas code section and register under that section.  It is to the employer or PLB's advantage to be required to perform the record check under Arkansas law due to the fact that more extensive information may be released.
If you are required by law to conduct a check, determine what section of the Arkansas Code applies to the type of checks you will be running (i.e., health care, child care, etc.).  You will register under that section and checks will be conducted automatically upon submission of each request.
As an employer, PLB, or with the consent of the subject are you conducting the check voluntarily and are not required by Arkansas law to perform the Arkansas background check? 
If so, you will sign in as an employer or a "third party with consent of the subject" and will not use the specific Arkansas Code Sections.
You will submit an application for registration online to the Arkansas State Police.  State Police will confirm that the applicant is eligible to perform the background checks online.  If the application is approved, that approval is forwarded from the Arkansas State Police to the internet service provider and an account will be set up in that applicant's name.
Provide payment for the record check.  This is by credit card or by a pre-established account with the Information Network of Arkansas.
Identify the Person whose Record you Seek
You must submit the necessary information on the request form.  Please confirm from a government issued driver's license or identification card that the applicant information is correct as given to you.  Please confirm that you have entered the information on the request form correctly.  If the information you have entered is in error, you will still be charged the online access fee.
Additional information to include the social security number, driver's license number, place of birth, and residence may also be helpful in locating the correct record.
Submit that Information to the Search
The search will be conducted and you will be presented the results of the search.  There are three possible outcomes of a search of the Central Repository:
1) No Record. You will be presented a screen that summarizes the search and states that there is no matching record.  You should print this as a document for your files.
2) One or more candidate record(s) have been found and the request has been forwarded to the Arkansas State Police for research.  Please provide the following information to complete the research.
If you provide a social security number and it is matched in our records, the matching social security number will be returned to you as confirmation.
3) Record Found. You will be presented a screen that provides a link to the record and will be available for fourteen days (14).
Retrieve Your Results
If you receive a "no record" response, you should print that response to document the search.  You must print the report within fourteen (14) days of when you view the report.  The report will no longer be available for printing after fourteen days of when it was first viewed.  If you do not open/view the report, the fourteenth day time limit will not begin to run until you view the report.
If your request has been referred to the Arkansas State Police for further research, the following steps will occur:
You will be asked to provide any additional identifying information you have to assist in locating the correct record.  The additional information is middle name, any other names ever used, driver's license or identification card number and state, height, weight, place of birth, residence and occupation.
The State Police staff will conduct a review of the information submitted against the possible criminal history information and determine if there is a matching record.  If one is located, the report in response to the request will be finalized and the requestor will be notified when the report is ready for viewing on the website.
Within a day or so, the requestor will be notified by email or though this website that the results of your search are now available.
If at any time, based on all the information provided, the Arkansas State Police cannot include or exclude the subject of the record check from a possible criminal history, a fingerprint comparison between the applicant's fingerprints and the possible criminal arrest fingerprint information will be made by the Arkansas State Police.  There is no further charge for this service.  If a comparison is necessary, the report will be returned after the comparison is complete.
Review Transaction History
Once you sign with INA and are approved as an account holder, you will be able to review your account activity.  This can reviewed by date, name or person that submitted the request.  This information will be found on the "Billing History" page and can be accessed by clicking the "History" tab at the top of each page after you have logged in.
There is no additional fee for reviewing your transaction history.  Requests that are pending research are also indicated by clicking the "Pending" tab at the top of each page.

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