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NamePID #RaceGenderBirth DateSupervision End DateSupervision CountySupervising OfficerMost Serious OffenseDetails
Quinton Abernathy 0251319 Caucasian Male 5/9/1990 10/8/2019 Benton Angela Driggs Fleeing View
Matthew Acuff 0311902 Caucasian Male 5/27/1987 8/11/2020 Benton Matthew Jenkins Domestic Battering-2nd Degree View
Aaron Adams 0257026 Black Male 7/13/1988 6/16/2017 Benton Kris Eglin Failure To Appear View
Jonathan Adams 0257414 Caucasian Male 12/11/1990 8/28/2017 Benton Kendra Carolina Theft Of Property View
Joseph Adams 0339529 Caucasian Male 9/20/1983 4/17/2023 Benton Matthew Jenkins Poss Drug Paraphernalia Meth Cocaine View
Randy Adams 0247346 Caucasian Male 6/25/1988 10/14/2017 Benton Michael Dealy Poss Cont Sub Sched l,ll Meth Cocaine < 2g View
Ronald Adams 0335613 Caucasian Male 2/5/1962 7/30/2023 Benton Matthew Jenkins Poss Drug Paraphernalia Meth Cocaine View
Brittney Adkins 0225651 Caucasian Female 3/27/1986 11/8/2022 Benton Jason Voss Theft Of Property View
Jacklynn Aen 0339532 Other Female 8/5/1980 9/20/2038 Benton Nathan Jeffrey Defraud Prospective Adop Parent >= $2,500 View
Julie Aguilar 0301717 Caucasian Female 10/18/1982 5/18/2019 Benton Younee Faulkner Poss Cont Sub Sched l,ll Meth Cocaine < 2g View
Coy Akin 0356023 Caucasian Male 4/10/1997 9/11/2023 Benton Nathan Jeffrey Poss Drug Paraphernalia Meth Cocaine View
James Albertson 0332876 Caucasian Male 11/21/1997 2/20/2025 Benton Ruendi Sierra Posses W Purpose Del Meth Cocaine =>10g <200g View
Miguel Alcantara-Martinez 0193587 Hispanic Male 12/10/1975 1/25/2014 Benton Derek Wilson Forgery View
Chrystal Allen 0292233 Caucasian Female 1/30/1980 10/28/2024 Benton Michael Dealy Forgery 2nd Degree View
Crystal Allen 0290061 Caucasian Female 6/21/1985 1/31/2025 Benton Derek Wilson Fail to Appear on Felony (FTA) View
Jacob Allen 0255495 Caucasian Male 7/23/1981 2/11/2024 Benton Shawn Arrington Theft Of Property View
Kenneth Allen 0165184 Caucasian Male 5/9/1979 6/23/2024 Benton Michael Dealy Manu/Delv/Poss Control Subs. View
Paul Allen 0178620 Caucasian Male 6/17/1986 10/23/2011 Benton Ruendi Sierra Theft By Receiving View
Thomas Allen 0257579 Caucasian Male 10/18/1982 6/15/2020 Benton Younee Faulkner Poss Drug Paraphernalia Man Meth Cocaine View
Jose Alvarez 0257016 Hispanic Male 2/26/1994 10/3/2024 Benton Derek Wilson Battery-2nd Degree View
Kathryn Alvis 0286752 Caucasian Female 11/20/1987 3/31/2025 Benton Derek Wilson Fail to Appear Regarding Order Issued Before Revocation Hear View
Samanthy Amaral 0292887 Caucasian Female 6/4/1991 11/15/2019 Benton Michael Dealy Deliver Cont Sub Sched Vl > 14g < 4 oz View
Christopher Ammons 0309669 Caucasian Male 8/13/1979 1/2/2022 Benton Shawn Arrington Poss Cont Sub Sched l,ll Meth Cocaine < 2g View
Joshua Anastasio 0306722 Caucasian Male 6/5/1974 10/17/2026 Benton Ruendi Sierra Failure To Appear View
Kevin Anderson 0340503 Black Male 4/15/1994 4/21/2024 Benton Rene Garcia Anguiano Poss W Purp Del Cont Sub Sched l,ll Exc Meth Cocaine=>2g<28g View

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