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NamePID #RaceGenderBirth DateSupervision End DateSupervision CountySupervising OfficerMost Serious OffenseDetails
Corey Adamik 0367986 Hispanic Female 11/8/1995 9/30/2022 Faulkner Theresa Rowlett Poss Cont Sub Sched l,ll Meth Cocaine < 2g View
David Adams 0262501 Black Male 2/25/1980 9/5/2022 Faulkner Bryan Padgett Theft Of Property View
Jacob Adams 0230753 Caucasian Male 5/28/1992 1/26/2026 Faulkner Derrick Hopper Maintain Drug Premises Drug Free Zone View
Stephen Allred 0238096 Caucasian Male 10/24/1986 9/12/2023 Faulkner Adam Nading Failure To Appear View
Ricky Altom 1115923 Caucasian Male 11/13/1962 3/3/2025 Faulkner Evan Thomas Poss Drug Paraphernalia Man Meth Cocaine View
Calvin Anderson 0175445 Black Male 9/13/1980 9/19/2022 Faulkner Adam Nading Domestic Battering-2nd Degree View
Shannon Archer 0358179 Caucasian Female 1/30/1982 1/12/2022 Faulkner Bryan Padgett Unknown View
Kristin Armitage 0339000 Caucasian Female 5/15/1987 10/28/2022 Faulkner Adam Nading Poss Drug Paraphernalia Meth Cocaine View
Seth Aultman 0343425 Caucasian Male 5/10/1986 11/14/2020 Faulkner Bryan Padgett Unknown View
Amanda Austin 0352309 Caucasian Female 11/30/1981 8/4/2024 Faulkner Autumn Kissire-Hall Poss Drug Paraphernalia Meth Cocaine View
Kenneth Avance 0345692 Caucasian Male 2/5/1996 3/24/2023 Faulkner Autumn Kissire-Hall Poss W Purpose Del Meth Cocaine < 2g View
Samantha Ballard 0369107 Caucasian Female 4/23/1985 11/8/2023 Faulkner Autumn Kissire-Hall Poss Drug Paraphernalia Meth Cocaine View
Derek Banks 0300888 Caucasian Male 10/14/1986 4/24/2021 Faulkner Audriana Passafiume Fleeing with serious injury View
William Barker 0248538 Caucasian Male 4/18/1972 11/26/2018 Faulkner Adam Nading Deliver Meth Cocaine < 2g View
Robert Barnard 0293992 Caucasian Male 7/12/1983 2/17/2025 Faulkner Adam Nading Poss Cont Sub Sched l,ll Meth Cocaine < 2g View
Antwan Barner 0304092 Black Male 6/8/1994 11/6/2020 Faulkner Carla Griswold Terroristic Threatening View
Roger Battie 0147064 Caucasian Male 3/20/1975 10/17/2019 Faulkner Karen Yancy Forgery 2nd Degree View
Karast Beard 0289999 Black Male 12/4/1994 9/20/2020 Faulkner Corey Charles Forgery 2nd Degree View
Jace Beasley 0353133 Caucasian Male 9/6/1984 8/29/2024 Faulkner Corey Charles Poss Cont Sub Sched l,ll Meth Cocaine < 2g View
Jeremiah Bennett 0336909 Black Male 7/18/1998 6/6/2022 Faulkner Corey Charles Theft by Receiving (Credit/Debit Card) View
Christopher Berry 0070526 Caucasian Male 7/5/1971 6/14/2018 Faulkner Adam Nading Domestic Battering-3rd Degree View
Atarius Bishop 0337089 Black Male 6/18/1992 6/20/2021 Faulkner Autumn Kissire-Hall Poss Counterfeit Controlled Substance Sched l,ll View
Jeremy Blackford 0358201 Caucasian Male 8/16/1983 2/2/2023 Faulkner Adam Nading Forgery 1st Degree - Written instr with purpose to defraud View
Destiny Block 0335077 Caucasian Female 1/12/1991 4/10/2023 Faulkner Derrick Hopper Fail To Stop Acc. W/Inj/Death View
Michael Bloodworth 0341560 Caucasian Male 4/19/1953 5/6/2025 Faulkner Evan Thomas Poss Cont Sub Sched l,ll Meth Cocaine < 2g View

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