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NamePID #RaceGenderBirth DateSupervision End DateSupervision CountySupervising OfficerMost Serious OffenseDetails
Kenneth Abby 0281677 Black Male 4/7/1964 1/8/2020 Hot Spring Courtney Darrow (Thomas) Aggravated Assault View
Phillip Anderson 0207598 Black Male 10/9/1960 8/1/2015 Hot Spring Brandon Emerson Forgery View
Gary Bardwell 0211484 Caucasian Male 3/8/1960 6/5/2021 Hot Spring Courtney Darrow (Thomas) Poss. Firearm Certain Person View
Stephanie Bartlett 0227911 Caucasian Female 6/4/1982 11/13/2021 Hot Spring Brandon Emerson Interference With Custody View
Christopher Beard 0225725 Caucasian Male 6/16/1988 10/26/2016 Hot Spring Courtney Darrow (Thomas) Theft By Receiving View
Christopher Beman 0039462 Caucasian Male 12/16/1973 11/3/2019 Hot Spring Courtney Darrow (Thomas) Non-Support View
Larry Brandon 0211164 Black Male 8/27/1981 7/22/2017 Hot Spring Brandon Emerson Manu/Delv/Poss Control Subs. View
Regina Bright 0307665 Caucasian Female 6/25/1981 9/11/2021 Hot Spring Jerry Llewellyn Poss Cont Sub Sched l,ll Meth Cocaine < 2g View
Paul Britt 0005619 Caucasian Male 7/23/1961 9/24/2021 Hot Spring Brandon Emerson Robbery View
Donnell Campbell 0230566 Black Male 5/6/1991 6/27/2014 Hot Spring Courtney Darrow (Thomas) Robbery View
Kimberly Clark 0232556 Caucasian Female 4/21/1970 9/12/2017 Hot Spring Courtney Darrow (Thomas) Lottery Ticket Fraud View
Peggy Crabtree 0208725 Caucasian Female 2/27/1959 10/24/2020 Hot Spring Brandon Emerson Breaking And Entering View
Donna Crutchfield 0028863 Black Female 8/16/1958 2/1/2020 Hot Spring Jerry Llewellyn Robbery View
Jennifer Draper 0189285 Caucasian Female 1/7/1978 10/23/2010 Hot Spring Danny Marsh Hot Check Violation View
Cody Dunn 0248301 Caucasian Male 1/20/1987 6/24/2016 Hot Spring Courtney Darrow (Thomas) Forgery View
Maracco Finley 0282717 Black Male 7/16/1996 2/23/2020 Hot Spring Courtney Darrow (Thomas) Residential Burglary View
Eddie Fort 0178899 Black Male 7/13/1984 11/24/2019 Hot Spring Jerry Llewellyn Aggravated Assault View
Amy Fuell 0293228 Caucasian Female 1/13/1979 12/7/2016 Hot Spring Courtney Darrow (Thomas) Theft Of Property View
Aurora Galarza 0164153 Hispanic Female 4/6/1972 7/5/2008 Hot Spring Courtney Darrow (Thomas) Manu/Delv/Poss Control Subs. View
Brittany George 0258488 Caucasian Female 10/24/1989 8/11/2019 Hot Spring Jerry Llewellyn Endanger Welfare Minor-1st Dg View
James Glasgow 0129562 Caucasian Male 2/24/1958 1/26/2026 Hot Spring Brandon Emerson Manu/Delv/Poss Control Subs. View
Patrick Hall 0138452 Black Male 5/4/1966 2/4/2006 Hot Spring Courtney Darrow (Thomas) Hot Check Violation View
Woodford Harney 0186040 Caucasian Male 2/25/1944 7/9/2017 Hot Spring Danny Marsh Manu/Delv/Poss Control Subs. View
Rickey Harvey 0231021 Caucasian Male 8/21/1977 7/13/2014 Hot Spring Brandon Emerson Commercial Burglary View
Brittany Higgins 0254646 Caucasian Female 2/9/1987 3/9/2016 Hot Spring Danny Marsh Theft Of Property View

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