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NamePID #RaceGenderBirth DateSupervision End DateSupervision CountySupervising OfficerMost Serious OffenseDetails
William Carter 0255597 Caucasian Male 11/30/1992 2/15/2021 Izard Joshua Morehead Residential Burglary View
Gregory Drew 0017055 Caucasian Male 12/28/1971 11/26/2015 Izard Jaime Cole Advertise Drug Paraphernalia View
Daniel Frazier 0176562 Caucasian Male 5/22/1981 8/1/2032 Izard Jaime Cole Manu/Delv/Poss Control Subs. View
Robert Frishcosy 0258200 Caucasian Male 9/13/1984 7/15/2018 Izard Russell Stockdale Fail To Register Child/Sex Off View
George Geddie 0311301 Caucasian Male 8/9/1976 3/21/2020 Izard Jana Pinkston Poss Cont Sub Sched l,ll Meth Cocaine < 2g View
Mike Heard 0131978 Caucasian Male 5/7/1960 4/21/2025 Izard Jaime Cole Manu/Delv/Poss Control Subs. View
Larry Herring 0121439 Caucasian Male 5/14/1978 2/6/2028 Izard Jaime Cole Theft Of Property View
Jamie Loosey 0217707 Caucasian Female 9/15/1987 4/24/2018 Izard Jaime Cole Possession Of Defaced Firearm View
Zachary Mayfield 0157063 Caucasian Male 12/14/1979 6/7/2027 Izard Jaime Cole Poss W Purpose Del Meth Cocaine < 2g View
Billy Middleton 0160584 Caucasian Male 2/28/1974 1/25/2020 Izard Jana Pinkston Poss Drug Paraphernalia Man Cont Sub View
Danny Mullins 0282064 Caucasian Male 11/5/1952 1/25/2020 Izard Jana Pinkston Poss. Firearm Certain Person View
Nicholas Wax 0141610 Caucasian Male 10/2/1978 4/20/2014 Izard Jaime Cole Failure To Appear View

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