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NamePID #RaceGenderBirth DateSupervision End DateSupervision CountySupervising OfficerMost Serious OffenseDetails
Richard Phillips 0249186 Caucasian Male 5/1/1978 5/11/2022 Phillips Princess Burnside Residential Burglary View
Glenn Poole 0312856 Caucasian Male 2/7/1999 5/30/2019 Phillips Jeremy Winston Theft Of Property View
Bradley Smith 0256472 Caucasian Male 3/14/1988 1/8/2019 Phillips Princess Burnside Theft By Receiving View
Anthony Varela 0246515 Caucasian Male 9/8/1993 3/18/2020 Phillips Melissia Wells Forgery View
Debra Wilson 0306069 Black Female 9/21/1978 7/31/2018 Phillips Princess Burnside Commercial Burglary View
Elizabeth Wright 0260458 Caucasian Female 7/21/1990 10/18/2018 Phillips Princess Burnside Manu/Delv/Poss Control Subs. View
Marvin Zigler 0245109 Black Male 5/8/1993 11/5/2020 Phillips Melissia Wells Residential Burglary View

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