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NamePID #RaceGenderBirth DateSupervision End DateSupervision CountySupervising OfficerMost Serious OffenseDetails
Blenda Anglin 0195773 Caucasian Female 1/13/1989 10/29/2022 Searcy Jimmy Carter Manu/Delv/Poss Control Subs. View
Mica Balcom 0380952 Caucasian Male 1/7/1971 11/8/2025 Searcy Brandon Laster Failure To Appear View
Raul Castro 0224276 Caucasian Male 8/20/1986 11/8/2024 Searcy Jimmy Carter Possession of firearm by certain person View
Jeffery Dowell 0022920 Caucasian Male 9/6/1977 7/24/2028 Searcy Brandon Laster Burglary-Residential View
Davis Frisby 0336508 Caucasian Male 3/14/2000 8/6/2024 Searcy Jaime Cole Poss Cont Sub Sched l,ll Meth Cocaine < 2g View
Opal Haddock 0092931 Caucasian Female 6/21/1972 11/21/2021 Searcy Jimmy Carter Poss Drug Paraphernalia Meth Cocaine View
Daniel Massey 0171662 Caucasian Male 6/21/1985 2/23/2025 Searcy Jaime Cole Maintain Drug Premises Drug Free Zone View
Austen Suntken 0364386 Caucasian Male 7/20/1996 8/8/2023 Searcy Jimmy Carter Poss Cont Sub Sched l,ll Meth Cocaine < 2g View

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