Arkansas Motor Vehicle Accident Report (SR-1)
Who Must File This Report
The driver of every motor vehicle who is involved in any accident within this State which results in damage to the property of any one person in excess of $1000.00 or which causes the injury or death of any person regardless of who is at fault. 


If driver injured. If the driver is incapacitated by injuries received in the accident, the owner (if the driver and owner are different persons) shall report. If, however, the driver and the owner are the same person, the driver will be excused from reporting during this period of his injury. 
Reports of Investigating Officers
These reports are not filed with the Department of Finance & Administration. The driver will, however, find the officer's report useful as a source of information.
Filling Out This Report
Begin with Driver's Name and fill out the entire report.
(1)  Do not insert indefinite information. Example: Do NOT insert "Total Loss". Show the amount it will cost to repair or replace this vehicle. 
(2)  For hit and run accidents, where the offending driver and owner are unknown to anyone, insert "Hit and Run" for other driver.
(3)  Where more than two vehicles are involved in an accident attach an additional report for each additional vehicle.
Proof of Financial Responsibility
The law requires that the driver and owner of every vehicle involved in the accident file proof of financial 
responsibility with the Department of Finance and Administration immediately after the accident has occured. This proof of financial responsibility can be
filed only in the manner provided by the law. 
(1)  The SR-21 must show limits of $25,000, $50,000, and $25,000, or state that the limits are at least equal to those required by State (Arkansas).
(2)  A Deposit of Security as tabulated by this Department. 
(3)  A written release of liability signed by the other party in the accident must be submitted to this Department. 
(4)  A final civil adjudication of non-liability from a court of competent jurisdiction. Trial in traffic court is not considered an adjudication of non-liability. Submit a certified copy of the judgment to this Department. 
(5)  A covenant not to sue. Must be in writing, signed by the adverse party, and must be notarized. 
(6)  A written agreement which has been accepted by the appropriate parties to the payment of damages in installments. A copy of this agreement must be filed with this Department.
(7)  A written statement by the adverse party of his liability insurance carrier that they have reimbursed you for your property damage. 
(8)  A written request to this Department for a hearing to determine if there is a reasonable possibility that a judgement may be rendered against you as a result of the accident. If the hearing indicates such judgement does not seem likely, then the Department may not require the security deposit. 
(9)  A copy of a bankruptcy petition with a list of creditors naming all parties.