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Below are the details of the class you selected.  You may use the form at the bottom to register for the class.  You will receive an email confirmation of your registration. 

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Date/Time: $textUtils.formatDate($ospclass.startDate, "MM.dd.yyyy") - $textUtils.formatDate($ospclass.endDate, "MM.dd.yyyy") | $textUtils.formatDate($ospclass.startTime, "hh:mm a") - $textUtils.formatDate($ospclass.endTime, "hh:mm a")
Class Name: $textUtils.escapeHtml($ospclass.name) - Class Number
Class Title: $textUtils.escapeHtml($ospclass.title)
Class Level:
Class Description: $textUtils.escapeHtml($ospclass.description)
Class Address: $textUtils.escapeHtml($ospclass.address) $textUtils.escapeHtml($ospclass.cityStateZip)
Number Enrolled: 0 out of $ospclass.maximumStudents
Class Open: No
* First Name:
* Last Name:
AASIS Personnel Number:
* Agency Name:
If Other is selected:
* Telephone Number:
format: 000 000-0000
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