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Arkansas Department of Human Services
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No endorsement is intended or made of any hypertext link, product, service, or information either by its inclusion or exclusion from this page or site.  While all attempts are made to insure the correctness and suitability of information under our control and to correct any errors brought to our attention, no representation or guarantee can be made as to the correctness or suitability of that information or any linked information presented, referenced, or implied.

All critical information should be independently verified.

The inclusion of links from this site does not imply endorsement by the Arkansas Department of Human Services.  The Arkansas Department of Human Services makes no endorsement, express or implied, of any links to or from its site, nor is it responsible for the content.


The Arkansas Department of Human Services eSources includes providers identified as being available to meet the needs of the citizens of Arkansas.  This data comes from a combination of state, federal, local government and private sources.

Providers are businesses, hotlines, or web sites that provide services, information or financial assistance.

DHS eSources hopes to insure broad access to community services, to maximize the use of existing resources, and to help people, who need services, easily find the most appropriate provider.

DHS eSources will strongly consider providers offering services for the following
  • Basic services (food, shelter, clothing)
  • Employment
  • Health (Mental and Physical)
  • Safety
  • Transportation
  • Education

DHS eSources accepts any agency or organization providing human services to individuals and families in the state of Arkansas, or removes barriers to self-sufficiency in the state.  Providers can offer the services directly, give information and referrals to others that offer services, provide funds for services or any combination thereof.

Providers that are not established or temporary in nature may be declined for acceptance. 

DHS eSources will not consider providers that require a membership as a condition for services or providers that proselytize.


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