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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DHS eSources?

The Arkansas Department of Human Services eSources is a web site where citizens can find resources in their area who can provide basic services, such as food, transportation, child care, housing, or other human services.  These resources are updated by the providers to keep the information as current as possible for your use.

What if I still cannot find what I am looking for?

If you are unable to locate resources in the directory to help you, visit Access Arkansas, or you can call the DHS Client Assistance Center at 1-800-482-8988.   If you are having technical difficulties with the web site, please contact our technical department by emailing eSourcesHelp@arkansas.gov.

I am a provider and my business/service furnishes some of the services included in eSources.  How do I make my information available for searching?

Any organization or business can submit their business/service to Arkansas DHS, by selecting the Provider Login or Enroll link in the left border of every page and then going to New Provider registration.  You might also want to review our policies for acceptance.

Why use DHS eSources?

The purpose of DHS eSources is to create an easy way for customers, case workers,  and providers in Arkansas to have access to current information relating to human services.  DHS eSources brings everything together in one place.  It also makes valuable information easy to find.

Will my information be confidential?

All information entered through DHS eSources is completely confidential.  None of the options you select are recorded anywhere.  You may send your name when sending an email, but that is totally optional.  For additional information view our Privacy Policy.


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