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Application For Appointment

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3. Appointment Information
Are you a registered voter in the county of your current residence?
(This is required to receive any appointment.)
Are you, or have you ever been, registered as a lobbyist in Arkansas?
Do you live with a disability?
The governor is required by law to appoint individuals with disabilities to particular boards.
Have you in the past, or are you currently, serving in an active (AC) or reserve (RC) military component?
You may select no more than five specific Board(s) or Commission(s) on which you are interested in serving, and you may also indicate general categories in which you are interested.
Type in a keyword to find the board or commission:
Board 1
Board 2
Board 3
Board 4
Board 5
If not in the list selections above, please enter name(s) of other boards, commissions, etc.:
Please hold down your "Control" key to select more than one.



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