Application For Appointment

Application For Appointment

1. Information about the Appointment Application Process

Thank you for your interest in being considered for an appointment to a position in Arkansas state government. Only citizens of the State of Arkansas may serve in an appointed position.

If you have submitted an application under a previous administration, were appointed under a previous administration, or are applying for reappointment, you must fill out the current application. Application updates are required for Governor Hutchinson's appointments.

If at any time you close your browser window prior to submitting your application, you will lose all information you entered on the application. If you navigate away from the application page prior to submitting your application, you may lose all information you have entered on the application.

Please do not copy and paste from a word document. This will create undesirable characters to be entered and you will be prompted to correct the entry.

If you are unable to complete the application online, please contact the Boards and Commissions staff at 501-682-3570.
For technical assistance, click here | Online Technical Support

A Background Check Is Required

To be considered for an appointment, you must agree to a background check. When you submit your application, you will be directed to a background check form, which must be completed.

Your Application Information

  1. This application must be completed online; it may not be printed and submitted. All sections of the application must be completed, or you will not be able to submit your information.
  2. Please fill out all the information with detailed responses. Your application cannot be submitted if required information is not included.

    Some pieces of information you may wish to gather prior to beginning to fill out the application include the following:

    1. Social Security Number
    2. Educational history
    3. Employment history
    4. Special interest groups
    5. Legal history, citations or issues
    6. Military service
    7. Qualifications that you feel make you a good candidate for the appointment you are requesting
    8. Professional licenses/certificates held
    9. Previous appointments or elected positions
    10. Three personal references are required with contact information (addresses and phone numbers)

Submitting the Application

  1. You must click on the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of page 6 on the application (Confirmation page). The application will not go into our system if you do not select "SUBMIT".
  2. If you have failed to enter required data, you will be notified of this and you must return to the indicated section and enter the missing data.
  3. Once you finish your application, a confirmation page will appear with your application information. You will have the opportunity to go back and make any changes to your information at this point. Once you are completely satisfied with the information on the confirmation page, please print out the confirmation information for your records. When you submit your application, you will receive e-mail confirmation. You will be directed to the Background Check form, which must be completed to be considered for an appointment.

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