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Click on a link below to open a new browser window for that operator certification training organizations' training calendars, including ADH, ARWA, AETA, and others.

The web page to which you will be directed is normally updated daily.  If there are training organizations that have schedules published on the internet that are not shown here, and which would be appropriate for water system operators in Arkansas, please email the information to Martin Nutt, Certification Officer.

Training Links
Training Organization Web Site
Mandatory Training Req’ts not adjusted for COVID-19. The training has returned, with courses offered virtually (free) or online (see link below). Other alternative methods, to meet the requirements, click provided link next column for add'l info. Link
Renewal Training Requirement have been waived for the 2019 to 2021 renewal period in response to COVID-19. Renewal training requirements will return for 2021 to 2023 renewal period. Click provided link next column for add'l info. Link
Mandatory License Training (All Training Providers) Link
Mandatory License Training (Internet Based Provider) Link
Renewal Training (All Approved Training - All Providers) Link
AR Environmental Training Academy (Mandatory, Renewal, XConnection & Internet Training Provider) Link
AR Rural Water Ass'n (Mandatory, Renewal & Cross Connection Training Provider) Link
CSUS - Water Programs (Correspondence & Distance Learning Resources) Link
Arkansas Water Works and Water Environment Association (AWW&WEA) Link
Northwest District AWW&WEA Link
SW Section AWWA(Conference and Distance Learning Resources) Link
SunCoast Learning Systems, Inc through ARWA (Distance Learning Resources) Link
CEU Plan (Distance Learning Resources) Link
WaterOtter Continual Education (Distance Learning Resources) Link
JADE Learning (Distance Learning Resources) Link
Technical Learning College (Distance Learning Resources) Link
Zarathom Training For Water & Wastewater (Distance Learning Resources) Link
American Water College Link
Hach Training Center Link
360 Water (Distance Learning Resources) Link
EPA Drinking Water Training Link
WaterOperator.org Training Calendar & Newsletter Link
AWWA Test Study Tactics Link
WaterOperator.org Testing Taking Helps Link
WaterOperator.org Test Prep Training Resources for Operators Link
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