Credit Card processing is not available for the filing you have chosen. To process and pay online you will need to pay via echeck or with a subscriber account.

Notice for Limited Liability Filings

If your filing is for a company that performs a medical professional service (P.L.L.C., PLLC, P.L.C., or PLC), we are required to have on file a copy of the certificate or card issued to the company by the medical board. The copy may be mailed to Secretary of State, Corporations Division, State Capitol, Little Rock, AR, 72201 or may be faxed to 501-682-3437.

Your application will be filed as of the date of your online filing in accordance with our Official Dating Policy upon receipt of the aforementioned original item(s) of documentation within seven business days of the date of online filing. The confirmation number associated with your online filing must be provided along with the documentation.

Please contact our Corporations Division at 501-682-3409 or 888-233-0325 should you have any questions.

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