Welcome to the Arkansas Auditor of State's Holder's Annual Report Online Filing System for Unclaimed Property. According to Arkansas Code Annotated §18-28-201, all holders except life insurance companies must file an Annual Report with the Arkansas Auditor of State's Unclaimed Property Division, every year by October 31 for item's whose dormancy period ended as of June 30th of that same year. Life insurance companies must file their Holder's Annual Report by April 30 for the previous calendar year.

Reporting holders can submit their Annual Report online in two different ways:

  1. Upload File - Upload a completed NAUPA formatted file into our system. To get the NAUPA electronic filing guidelines, click here
  2. Online Filing- Enter the information into our online filing system.
Reporting Requirements. You must report and remit all property in your custody that belongs to someone else and has gone unclaimed.

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: I declare, under penalties imposed by Act 850 of 1999 that I have examined this report and to the best of my knowledge it is true and complete and I have authority to so certify.



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