The State of Arkansas is implementing a new eProcurement system called ARBuy. ARBuy will transform the procure-to-pay process for all State departments, support local government purchasing, and allow suppliers to do business with Arkansas and its subdivisions more efficiently.

How will things change for persons who want to be able to sell commodities or services to the State or get notice of solicitations?

  • A supplier who wants to be able to receive purchase orders from the State will need to be registered in ARBuy. There is no cost to register.
  • All persons who wish to receive notice of and participate in solicitations will need to register in ARBuy. There is no cost to register to receive notice of solicitations.
  • Suppliers will receive solicitation notifications through ARBuy and respond to those solicitations through the system.
  • If a supplier is awarded a Statewide contract, they will be able to upload their contract catalog to ARBuy Marketplace for statewide shopping and purchasing.

To register for notice of opportunities to participate in solicitations conducted through ARBuy, please navigate to ARBuy ( and click on the Register button in the upper right hand side of the screen. To review active solicitations conducted by the TSS Office of State Procurement, please navigate to State of Arkansas - Open Bids.

Until the transition to ARBuy is complete, vendors will also need to be registered with Arkansas Vendor Services to contract with the State. If you aren't already registered with Arkansas Vendor Services, you can do so under the Arkansas Vendor Services header below.

Arkansas Vendor Services

Welcome to Arkansas Vendor Services. This is a portal for businesses and individuals who currently provide goods and services to the State of Arkansas. It is currently operational, but will be discontinued sometime in the future. All persons who want to continue selling to the State after it transitions fully to ARBuy should register in ARBuy by navigating to ARBuy ( and clicking on the Register button in the upper right hand side of the screen.

You are also free to register in the current Arkansas Vendor Services system below.

Register in Arkansas Vendor Services

All vendors, either new or previously registered in Arkansas, may register here to access Arkansas Vendor Services.

To update or change a registration, please do not register again.
Please login below and you will be given the option of renewing your registration.


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Questions about registering for Arkansas Vendor Services? Visit to chat with an agent, or email