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The Arkansas State Police serves as the coordinating law enforcement agency in Arkansas to alert the public of missing or abducted children. Known as the Arkansas AMBER Alert System, the Arkansas State Police was one of the first law enforcement agencies in the country to model a statewide notification system based on the local AMBER Alerts used in many large U.S. cities.

It all began very innocently, yet what happened on June 9th, 1995 changed Arkansans lives forever.

Families and friends gathered to enjoy the springtime evening in Alma, Arkansas at a hometown baseball game. Among those in the crowd were six-year-old Morgan Nick and her mother, Colleen.

Children at the park, Morgan among them, moved to the shadows of the field to catch fireflies. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but in a matter of minutes Morgan had disappeared.

While the search for Morgan has never stopped, her story and spirit continue to remind us every day of the precious gift there is in the life of a child and the responsibility we must accept to protect those young lives.

From the search for Morgan grew a life force of dedication from state and community leaders, law enforcement agencies across the state and Colleen Nick, Morgan's mother, to insure Arkansas parents and law enforcement have a means to quickly spread the word when a child is abducted.

To Morgan and all the missing children everywhere, we dedicate this mission and our services.

Sweet Morgan,

There are not words enough to describe how much you are missed, how deep our sorrow is without you here, how our hearts are broken more each day you are gone. We have been searching for you for so long now. More than a lifetime. We feel cheated every day that we do not see your smile, hear your bubbly laughter, or listen to your thoughts and ideas. We have never stopped believing we will find you. No one can prove you are not out there somewhere, longing to come home. We will fight with an army or by ourselves, but we will not give up. You are deeply loved and worth fighting for. We are coming for you.

Love Mom and Dad

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