The Arkansas Department of Corrections

Absconder Search

Welcome to the ACC Absconder search. Individuals shown here have "absconded" and are not reporting as required by conditions of their parole or probation. We are seeking information as to their whereabouts.

Sentence Components Prior

Details about an offender's previous felony convictions.

Sentence Components Current

Details about an offender's current conviction.

Disciplinary Violations

Institutional rules broken by the offender while incarcerated.

Risk Assessment History

An offender's scores on risk assessments taken prior to release from prison and during community supervision. The risk assessment is a scientifically validated tool to measure an offender's likelihood of committing additional crimes.

Revocation Reason

The reason a parolee was returned to prison. A probationer who has been revoked may be sent to prison by the judge or immediately placed back on probation.

Program Referrals

Education, treatment or support programs determined through assessment or behavior as needed by an offender.

Information Current as of 6/24/2024 10:02 AM

Important Notice
Offender has absconded. To provide information about their known whereabouts please contact the Department of Community Correction at 501-618-8010 between 8 am and 5 pm. After Hours call 501-686-9800, or call '911'.
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